Quick-Tips on how to Winterize Your Vehicle

It’s that time of year when we all need to start thinking about getting our vehicle ready for the cold winter upon us. We have found that by following a few tips you can not only get your vehicle ready for winter, but improve the safety of your vehicle as well. This time of year is when you will be needing your safety features more than ever and most of us don’t really think about keeping them up to date during the warm summer months. So let’s start thinking about how we can easily prepare for the season.

  • Change the windshield washer solution from a summer blend to a winter blend – A lot of people aren’t aware that there is a difference, but there is. By leaving the summer rated fluid in the washer tank you risk having it freeze as it is not rated for below freezing temperatures. This will lead to a cracked washer tank or broken lines. Neither of which is cheap to repair. More importantly, if it cracks, you won’t have a solution available when you need it. For example, during high speed travel in sleeting conditions while driving behind a truck. Item number one is an easy fix. Don’t just buy enough for 30 days, either. Stock up on plenty and keep it in your trunk so you have it when you need it!
  • Buy new wiper blades – We have great deals on these all winter long and we’ll have them installed for you in just a few minutes; providing a sure fire way of staying safe this winter.
  • Check the tire pressure- This is a very important thing to have done to your car. Having the maximum rubber on the road is how to keep your family safest in adverse driving conditions. We even have a quick how-to video on this so you know where to look on your tire for the manufacturers recommendations.
  • Nitrogen Filled Tires – Even better than worrying about checking your tire pressure is to let us fill your tires with nitrogen. Nitrogen molecules are larger than oxygen molecules and therefore they leak out of your tires less frequently and keep your tire pressure more consistent. You’ll also have less moisture build up in your tires and need to have them re-balanced less often.  Better tire pressure means better gas mileage and better tread wear. Not only do nitrogen filled tires keep you safe it will save you money.
  • nitrogen-world-hyundai

  • Check your vehicle’s heater – Driving or trying to drive while freezing is no fun and not safe either. A broken heater will not defrost your vehicle properly; obstructing your view.
  • Winter supplies – Do you have a snow brush, an extra set of gloves, a small shovel, extra floor mats to place under your tires in case you get stuck in a snow drift and need help getting out? Do you own a pair of boots or rubber outerwear, winter hat and scarf, or ear muffs? These items should be in your car at all times. Serious conditions can arise at any time and we want to make sure you are prepared.

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