The importance of belts and hoses

You car’s belts and hoses are important and needed for the cooling, air conditioning and charging systems, and the engine itself. It is important not to take these routine replacement intervals for granted because as they wear and tear, they can break down and leave you stranded.

What do they do?
The timing belt is responsible for keeping the crankshaft and camshaft mechanically synchronized to maintain engine timing. Whether it is a serpentine, V-belt or fan belt (the belts on the outside of the engine), they all transmit power from the front of the engine to the accessories that need to be driven, like the air conditioning, the charging system and fans. The radiator and heat hoses carry coolant to and from the engine, radiator and heater core.

Typical Wear and Tear
Key items that affect the replacement interval for belts and hoses:

• Vehicle age
• Electrolytic corrosion
• Mileage
• Oil contamination
• Belt tension
• Failed hose clamps


• Squeaking noise from under the hood during start-up or operation
• Coolant leaks
• Dashboard light will illuminate is brought to you by World Hyundai in the Matteson Auto Mall.

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